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Logo design, brand assets and integrity

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Logo design, branding guidelines and integrity

More than just a logo.

A logo and brand design an important component of branding, as it serves as a visual symbol that represents the essence of a brand. However, a brand is much larger than just a logo. It encompasses the brand name, tagline, colour palette, typography, imagery, and overall design elements that collectively create a recognizable and cohesive brand identity.

Moreover, branding extends beyond visual elements. It includes the messaging, values, and personality that a brand conveys through its communication channels, such as advertising, marketing campaigns, social media, and customer interactions. Consistency in these aspects is crucial to building a strong brand.

Consistent guidelines and integrity.

Your logo is just the start of your branding journey. It goes much further than just your identity in the corner of your letterhead and business card.  It reflects everything about your business, what you do and more importantly the standard of work you deliver.

We produce a variety of branding packages, for small businesses to medium-sized businesses. With a full set of brand assets, guidelines and disciplines on how to use them, you can be sure that your team will have the tools to deliver your brand consistently and with precision all the time.

Custom elements.

At boldtype, we understand the importance of creating a unique and memorable brand identity for your business. That’s why we create custom designed icons and elements to represent your brand and website.

Icons are an essential part of modern design, helping to communicate information quickly and effectively.  With this, we are passionate about creating visually appealing and functional icons that leave a lasting impression on your audience, that they will not find anywhere else.